Oversized Knitwear

Step up your style game and embrace the power of experimenting with a different silhouette! Oversized garms are in - and we are absolutely eating this trend up! Check out our sleek range of oversized knitted jumpers and channel cozy style icon vibes.

If you’re styling your oversized knitted jumper as a jumper dress, why not complete your look with a bomber jacket and a pair of biker boots for a trending fit that is Insta-ready? Or go for a laid-back look in a knitted oversized jumper that screams street-wear chic with a pair of trainers and leggings. Whether you’re turning looks or just want to get cozy on the couch, you’ll find plenty of gorge oversized knitted jumpers at EGO.

Explore your personal style and experiment with the oversized trend in your casual outfits. With an oversized knitted jumper for women, the styling options are quite literally endless!

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