Heading for some fun in the sun? Perfect for a day at the beach or dancin' at a festival - sandals are the must-have shoe of the summer.

So slip into some on-trend fur sliders by the pool, or opt for some block heeled sandals for that Ibiza pool party to guarantee you're looking fresh AF.  And if you're going out-out, you can't go wrong with a pair of heeled sandals to sass up any outfit. Whether you're wearing an LBD or a jumpsuit - they'll go with anything.

So whether you opt for a pair of totally on-trend fur sliders or totally sassin' heeled sandals - the sun won't be the only thing that's hot AF, girl!

Sliders                                       Heels                                        Flats

            1. Tyga Studded Detail Slider In Red Rubber
              $35.99 Special Price $20.99
            2. Kerr Platform Sandal In Black Faux Suede
              $35.99 Special Price $25.99
            3. Max Chunky Sandal In White Faux Leather
              $42.99 Special Price $13.99
            4. Max Chunky Sandal In Black Faux Leather
              $42.99 Special Price $13.99
            5. Mercy White Sole Striped Chunky Sandal
              $42.99 Special Price $27.99
            6. Mercy Black Sole Striped Chunky Sandal
              $42.99 Special Price $20.99

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