If you don't own a pair of wedge heels, you're missing out. A pair of shoe wedge heels are perfect for any occasion, day drinks or date nights; they slay at any event and should be a staple of any girl’s shoedrobe. Our wedges with heels are available in a massive range of colors and styles, so you’re sure to find something to match your vibe here. 

Whether you want to turn heads at work or need some new shoe wedge heels for your gals' holiday, we’ve got you covered. From mules and sandals to perspex wedges, we're covering all the latest trends to add some sass to your strut, you fashionista. So take your shoe game to the next level and get your feet on some killer wedge heels.

Bring on a new shoedrobe in full force with the complete EGO range. If you’re in the mood to shop for some more heels, we’ve got loads of unique designs and styles for every scenario. Want to slip into something fresh and flashy? Then our wedges with heels make the perfect shoe for a night out. If you need a new dress to compliment your latest shoe slay, then be sure to shop our range of stunning dresses.

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