Frill Dresses

Embody all things flirty and feminine when you shop frill dresses from EGO. Here at EGO, we have a stunning selection of frilled dresses that really put the femme in feminine for an all-eyes-on-you kinda vibe. Our frill hem dresses are ideal birthday party dresses for a night out with the girls or as date night dresses for an eve out with someone special. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got you covered.

This year we’re into all things ethereal and sultry so a frill dress is at the top of our lists for a wardrobe must-have. Whether you’re looking for brunch outfits or heading to a dinner party with the gals you can reach for a frill hem dress time after time. Browse red frilled dresses to release your inner vixen or pick up a pink frill dress and channel your inner Barbie. 

Whatever you choose, be ready to slay because here at EGO we always put your style first.

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