Flat Sandals

Need a new season style to swap your heels with? Then stop your search 'cos we've got flat sandals to work with any look. Get festival ready with the classic gladiator sandal style, or step into the office in a pair of frilly flat sandals.

Flat sandals are a must have to complete any shoedrobe. For those warm weather days, beach holidays and evening events; a good pair of sandals will see you through. Our new in flat sandals mean there's something for everyone, no matter where you're heading.

            1. Kerr Platform Sandal In Black Faux Suede
              $35.99 Special Price $25.99
            2. Max Chunky Sandal In White Faux Leather
              $42.99 Special Price $13.99
            3. Max Chunky Sandal In Black Faux Leather
              $42.99 Special Price $13.99
            4. Mercy White Sole Striped Chunky Sandal
              $42.99 Special Price $27.99
            5. Mercy Black Sole Striped Chunky Sandal
              $42.99 Special Price $20.99
            6. Rita Perspex Sandal In Pink Faux Leather
              $35.99 Special Price $13.99