What Your March Horoscope Brings For You

As we flip to a new month in the calendar and begin to embrace the final weeks of the winter season, we’re being greeted by a new moon and it’s here to bring our feelings to the forefront. Rising on March 2, the March 2022 new moon is all about connecting with our emotions and using them as a guide as we navigate the upcoming changes in our lives. Getting a feel for how the March 2022 new moon will affect your zodiac sign specifically can help you make the most of these lunar blessings.

March’s new moon takes place in water sign Pisces, and this sentimental energy is highlighting our sensitive sides and putting us in touch with our inner feelings. Give yourself a chance to get introspective and embrace the ever-evolving desires of your inner self.

It’s time to get spiritual, listen to your emotions, and set some dreamy intentions — because this new moon is offering us a fresh start.


It’s easy to get caught up with our tangible goals, but this new moon is prompting you to make some more mystical plans for yourself, Aries. Get in touch with your spiritual side by doing a healing crystal meditation, planning a new moon ritual, or simply taking a mindfulness walk to help you focus on the present moment. This lunation is a reminder that everything in life is intangibly interconnected.


The transcendental energy of this new moon is bringing out your humanitarian side, Taurus — so it’s a good time to pour your energy into something altruistic. Take a stand on a social justice issue that’s meaningful to you or choose a cause to start volunteering some time toward. Reaching out to your community and extending a helping hand now will fill your cup and leave you feeling refreshed.


What’s your dream job, Gemini? This new moon is blossoming in the career sector of your chart, so it’s a good time to set goals related to your work and find a path that aligns with what’s in your heart. You may find that you’re feeling more inspired now, too, so use this dreamy burst of motivation to start new professional projects that show off your artistic visions.


This new moon is asking you to silence your inner critic and set your inner dreamer free, Cancer. Embrace the idea that anything you hope for is possible and allow yourself to explore your fantasies without constraint. Instead of getting caught up in the “how” and “when” and “where” of it all, let your imagination run wild and see where it takes you. There’s power in freeing your mind.


The emotional energy of this watery lunation is striking a deep chord within your heart, Leo, so stop trying to swallow your feelings. Immerse yourself in your emotions and allow yourself to be vulnerable now. By facing your truth and baring your soul, you’ll be able to move forward more authentically and work through some of the issues that have kept you from shining.


You’re embarking on a powerful new beginning when it comes to relationships, Virgo, so allow your feelings to take the driver’s seat and see where they take you. An emotional and spiritual connection is an important part of romantic compatibility — so instead of simply trying to make a match add up on paper, check in with your heart and see how things total out there. That’s where the real answers lie.


Your tendency to jam-pack your schedule with social outings, work projects, and personal obligations can sometimes leave very little time for you, Libra — so this new moon is asking you to figure out ways to bring some self-care into your everyday routine. Having adequate time for sleep, spirituality, and a little bit of pampering will boost your overall wellness and help you feel more whole.


Thanks to the new moon in a fellow water sign, you’re being flooded with romantic fantasies and creative inspiration — and it’s time to start acting on these visions! A flirty fling or a fresh passion project could make its way into your purview now, so follow your heart and allow your playful side to make some decisions. Having fun is serious business, Scorpio, so make it a priority.


This new moon is fully cracking your heart open, Sagittarius, so don’t be surprised if you feel more sentimental, vulnerable, and nostalgic than usual. You’re turning over a new leaf when it comes to dealing with emotional issues and working through past heartaches, so take advantage of this an auspicious growth point. Let bygones be bygones so you can create closer bonds with your friends and family members.


The sentimental energy of this new moon horoscope is bringing you a chance to connect with the people around you on a more emotional level, Capricorn — which is refreshing for someone who’s usually so stoic. It’s a great time to open up about your feelings and talk through the things that are weighing on your heart. By commiserating with others, you’ll realise that you’re never alone, no matter how heavy things may feel sometimes.


Getting in touch with our feelings isn’t always easy, but this sensitive new moon is challenging us to do exactly that. Instead of trying intellectualise things, get yourself grounded under by focusing on the energy in your body. Are you feeling tense or relaxed? Do you feel tingles of excitement or flutters of anxiety? Learning how to interpret the subtle signals and sensations in your body will strengthen your emotional awareness, so feel into it.


This is an extra special lunation for you, Pisces, as the luminaries are aligning with Jupiter — your traditional planetary ruler — and bringing a magical burst of luck to your new moon intentions. Your identity is evolving now, so you may feel inspired to head down a new path or turn over an entirely new leaf. Follow your heart and embrace the changes taking place within you. Being authentic is always in style.

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