What to wear to a wedding

Planning an outfit to wear to a friend or family member’s wedding can be a difficult task, as you contend with weather, the wedding’s colour theme and your own personal preferences. If you’re struggling to pick an outfit, continue reading our helpful guide to discover what to wear to a wedding.

Tips on what to wear to a wedding

The weather is warming up and the sun is shining, which means it’s wedding season!

It’s time to start preparing for the weddings of your nearest and dearest in the coming months, but you may not be sure on what to wear to a wedding. Worry no more, though, as we have some helpful tips to ease your decision making.

  • Follow the dress code
  • Dress for the season
  • Stay clear of white
  • All black is a no-go
  • Don’t show too much skin

Follow the dress code

Our first tip in helping you to decide what to wear to a wedding is to follow the dress code. Many weddings don’t set one, but if they do, make sure you follow it or you’ll upset the bride and groom, their family, the wedding guests – well, pretty much everyone there! Plus, you’ll stand out like a sore thumb.

Here are four dress codes you may be faced with:

  • Black tie – an evening gown or a floor length dress
  • White tie – formal, full-length A-line, sheath or ball gown
  • Cocktail – cocktail dress
  • Smart casual
  • Dress for the season

If you’re not sure what to wear to a wedding, then make sure you check the weather ahead of time when planning your outfit. All weddings vary in how long you spend standing around and mingling; some you will spend a lot of time outdoors, while others will have you indoors for most of the day.

If you’re outdoors and the weather is shining, you’re likely to be warm. If the temperature is low and the weather is terrible, with wind and maybe even rain, you’ll want to try and cover up more with a long sleeve dress. Something like this Ruve High Neck Cut Out Detail Long Sleeve Maxi Dress would work well to keep you warm and comfortable.

Stay clear of white

It’s a major rule of wedding outfits, but you should absolutely stay clear of white dresses. The reason being that only the bride can wear white on the big day. You don’t want to be the one other person in the room in white – you’ll get quite a few looks!

To avoid any mishaps or upsetting anybody, it’s best to avoid white at all costs.

All black is a no-go

Black is probably something you should steer clear of too. A wedding is a celebration of love, not a funeral, so don’t wear an all-black ensemble because it will look a little miserable.

Of course, some black outfits can look incredible, like this Knitted Tie Waist Midi Dress. However, an all-black dress will be unlikely to suit the environment you’re in with everyone else around you in flourishing, bright colours ready for a party.

If you can combine the black dress with some other colours, then it might work. But similar to the no-white rule, it’s often just best to avoid black to save you any stress.

Don’t show too much skin

Our final tip to help you decide what to wear to a wedding is that you shouldn’t show too much skin. Showing off too much skin can often be a little too extravagant for a wedding.

A wedding is seen as a classy affair, and not a night on the town. So knee length dresses and floor length gowns are much more appropriate than a mini skirt or short skirt. Weddings also require a lot of sitting and standing and you don’t want to have a wardrobe faux pas with an accidentally rising hemline.

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