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Anastasia Karanikolaou or as she’s known to her 10.6 million Instagram followers @stassiebaby is a social media superstar and best friend and Instagram sidekick to Kylie Jenner. The pair have been best friends for 9 years and have lived together whilst posting the kinda content we love to see.


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The friends are inseparable and are often found in matching outfits on the gram

Stassie is also auntie to the baby everyone wants to be, and has a tattoo of Stormi’s name that matches Kylie Jenners.

Beyond being besties with the person everyone one wants as a best friend, Ms Kylie Jenner, Stassie is a social media star as well as a model. The 24 year old greek goddess, occasionally vlogs and her most popular video is her crunchwrap recipe, all we can say is… well now we’re hungry.

As well as her constant Instagram presence and her viral TikTok videos, Stassie’s dating life captivates her fans. She was rumoured to be dating Netflix star Noah Centineo. There was even rumours that they got married after Stassie was pictured wearing a ring but this was quickly debunked by the pair.


After EGO launched their first collaboration with this bombshell in March 2020 (check out the BTS here), Stassie is the face of Ego’s first clothing collection. You can shop Stassie head to toe now. If you’re loving this campaign why don’t you take a closer look at our Stassie X EGO campaign!

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