How To Make Loungewear Look Expensive

If you’re putting your feet up and taking it easy on the sofa, you may have your go-to PJs or hoodie for maximum comfort. But, there can be times when you feel your loungewear isn’t aesthetically up to scratch. Maybe you want to feel more glam in the house, maybe a friend is coming over and you want to show off your style, or maybe you want some loungewear to wear outside. If this sounds like you, find out  how to style your loungewear and how to make your loungewear look expensive in this guide.

How to style your fancy loungewear

Loungewear doesn’t always have to mean something casual to sit around the house in. With this EGO guide, we’re here to help you step up your loungewear game and get you into something that would look at home both on the red carpet and in front of the TV catching up on some Netflix.

For our top ‘boujee’ loungewear picks, we recommend starting off by having a browse through our loungewear sets, women’s blazers and chunky boots for everything you need to boost your loungewear game. Read on to get in the know with our best pairings that collide the worlds of casual and high-class.

Loungewear to wear outside

Though intended for times when you want to keep it casual and cosy, loungewear is not at all restricted to a lazy Sunday. It can totally be boosted if you’re wondering how to make loungewear look expensive.

To start off, we recommend grabbing these High Waist Joggers in Grey. The raw hem and wide leg design give a relaxed yet edgy aesthetic. Pair them with some chunky boots and your most extravagant handbag for a loud and bold look.

Suit up, look sharp

Adding a blazer to your fit is a surefire way to make your loungewear suitable to wear outside and impress all passers-by. Casual wear combined with a blazer shows off your off-duty panache, while telling everybody that you mean business.

If you want to know how to style loungewear in this way, we have a few ideas to help you out. Start with our diamante trim cropped blazer. It would be impossible for your loungewear fit not to look high-class in this blazer. Add some block heel boots for an expensive look that is undeniably bold, confident and supreme.

Not chic enough for you? Try this diamante sleeve blazer for your expensive loungewear look. Its shimmering metallic material in a croc print is certainly lavish, and will add an amazing amount of flair to your loungewear. To complete this high-impact outfit, pair it with some statement heels and white felt fedora hat to get your loungewear fit looking phenomenal. 

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

Not that you have the perfect loungewear set to pull off your posh loungewear look, make sure to accessorise if you’re still stuck on how to make your loungewear look expensive

For our top handbag choice, you can’t get more expensive-looking than our dollar sack cross-body bag. Flaunt your wealth with this bedazzling bag, which is covered in premium crystals and guaranteed to make your loungewear look a million bucks.

If your loungewear still isn’t luxurious enough and you’re wondering how to style your loungewear further, add some jewellery to your outfit. Go big or go home with a thick silver choker in an extravagant chain mail design for your loungewear fit to wear outside.

Let’s be honest, you can never have too many rings, especially if a high-class look is the aim. Go for this set of pearl detail rings to complete this look. You just can’t get any more glamorous.

The opulent loungewear look at EGO

We hope our how-to guide to make your loungewear look expensive has put you well on your way to styling your loungewear to the max. At EGO, you can find a wide range of clothing to complete your look, or style a completely different outfit too. We have plenty of designs, styles, fits, colours and materials to suit your tastes.

Not only do we stock everything you need to boost your casual style, but you can also pick up bodysuits, tops, jeans and so much more for some alternative weekend looks.

If you’d like to get in touch with EGO to ask about an order or anything else you would like to know, contact us today.


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