Get To Know Our Girl Jess Hunt

Get To Know Our Girl Jess Hunt

Beauty mogul and Instagram queen Jess Hunt has mastered the influencer world. The former model originally began taking photos of her everyday style and has since grown a following of 1.5 million on Instagram working with brands she loves whilst launching collaborations and collections.

Well recognized for her bushy brow, she launched a beauty brand called Refy in 2020 and it quickly gained a cult following. Developed to enhance natural beauty rather than hide it, the brand is a huge hit being the front runner of today’s makeup trends. The 24-year-old is one of the UK’s most popular influencers and her feed is bound to make anyone envious.

Many recognisable faces interact with her on social media, including former Love Island contestants, reality stars, and other well-known influencers.

Jess turned her hobby for styling into a career everyone is jealous of, the influencer job title requires picturesque backdrops so its no surprise Jess is no stranger to jet setting

Jess said her favourite thing about being an influencer is “being able to work with brands that I absolutely love and have always shopped with”

When talking about Instagram “It’s important to remember who you are and take time for the things that make you truly happy. I just make sure I follow people who inspire me and who I love to keep up with, anything that makes me feel negatively I block or choose not to follow that person. Social media should be a place that you can go to and feel positive”


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