Lovin' or Loathin': What we're Feeling This December

Okay, so it’s December and everything is all twinkly and cute - so how can we possibly find things we’re loathin’ this month? ‘Tis the season to be jolly (Fa la la la la la...), after all. So this month, we’re gonna focus on the positives and only talk about all the GREAT things that’ve been happenin’ in December.


GALS, CHRISTMAS IS HERE. This month is filled with mulled wine, mince pies and ALL OF THE PRESENTS.

Yeah, obvs we’re excited for the big day - but it’s the lead up to it that’s even greater. Christmas nights out, Christmas meals, Christmas Netflix binges, Christmas chocolate binges.. Basically we’re going to do everything we normally do on the reg, but stick the word ‘Christmas’ in front of it to justify it to ourselves a lil’ more.

'F*ck it, it’s Christmas' is going to be our most overused phrase this month and we’re not even sorry.

Advent Calendars

Yeah, you’re never too old for an advent calendar, so never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Whether you’ve got a chocolate one (yay, an excuse to eat chocolate every morning), or a fancy-ass beauty advent calendar - it is not officially Christmas until you’ve got one to open each morning.  

BONUS points if you resist the temptation to eat all the chocolate in one day. It was just calling to us, okay?! 

Christmas Shopping

A whole month where shopping is actively encouraged? Count us IN!

We all know you give to receive (just sayin’ it how we see it), which is what makes Christmas shopping SO MUCH FUN. From finding the perfect gifts for our gals to stressin’ for weeks over what to get our boyfs (single life, we miss ya)  - spending all our money on Christmas presents is one of the best things about December.

… Let’s be honest, though - with all those Christmas parties, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to do a lil’ Christmas shopping for yourself, too. From finding a killer dress for your work Christmas party, to getting your hands on the ultimate party heels - you’ve got to treat yo’self at Christmas, girl.

Thank u, Next

Okay, so it’s not Christmas related - but could we really do a post about December without talking about Ariana Grande’s new music video? Nah.

As if we couldn’t love Ari any more, she goes ahead and drops this sassin’ music video. With tributes to Mean Girls and Legally blonde, we cannot get enough of the Thank U, Next music video. Cool Mom, Kris Jenner might just have been our fave addition.  

God, you girls keep me young.

Holly Willoughby

Yeah, we were gutted when it was revealed that Ant McPartlin wouldn’t be presenting I’m A Celebrity this year, but we’ve been low-key lovin’ his replacement, Holly Willoughby.

As much as we love Ant and Dec, they’ve never provided us with all the fashion inspo like Holly Willoughby has - and we’re kinda loving it. From red tiger print maxis, to the cutest blouse and skirt combos - it’s safe to say she has nailed the jungle aesthetic. But that’s not all - people have been going crazy for Holly’s hiker boot collection. Swapping her usual heels in favour of chunky boots - everyone has been trying to steal her style.

 And that’s pretty much everything we’ve been loving this month - between listening to ‘All I Want for Christmas’ on repeat and Netflix bingeing on Christmas films, we’ve hardly had time to concentrate on anything else. WE ARE JUST SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS.