Bringing Stassie X Ego To Life – Questions With Our Creative Lead

Tell us abit about your role 

I’m the creative lead of the company, which basically means I lead all the creatives, everything you see as the customer, all the campaigns, TV ads, billboards & social media images are lead by myself, It’s my job to make sure we stay true to our band ethos and that every piece of content is created to a high standard and has fashion at the forefront.

How did you get your job?

I’ve worked in fashion for coming up to 5 years, I saw the job come up and thought it was definitely a bit of me, I applied, was given a task to complete – got the role and the rest is history!

What’s the best part of your job?

I’m a very hands-on person, there is no better feeling to me than being on set, running around, sweating with a little bit of stress, but pulling all the elements together – that’s pure joy to me.

How do you decide to collab with Stassie?

Stassie was our first ever collaboration, with us launching our first clothing collection it seemed the perfect fit for us to do this with her, she’s like a modern day pin up so we knew the clothing would look incredible on her.

How is planning a collab different from a normal campaign?

From the get go we work very closely with the talent we are collaborating with. I tend to research their vibe thoroughly and get a good feeling for who they are, along with endless video calls and whatsapp messages, I pull together a campaign that reflects our brand vision along with the talent’s vibe while keeping the product at the forefront of my mind and what locations the product would sit well with.

How did you have to adapt to launch Ego’s first clothing line?

Shoes and accessories have my heart but I adore working with clothing. I’ve worked for brands before where clothing is priority so it’s been pretty easy for me to adapt, the collection is super fun and bold and very on brand for EGO so it’s a great extension of what we already do.

Why has Ego decided to launch a clothing line?

 It was inevitable really, we’ve dominated the footwear market it was time to step it up.

What is the concept behind the new collection?

We worked really closely with Stassie for her collection. We’ve pulled ideas from our footwear collection along with trending colours, silhouettes and details. I feel like power mesh is such a trend for this season so we’ve featured it heavily within the range.

What are your three favourite pieces from the stassie collection?

The Mia platforms are ICONIC, when I say iconic I mean ICONIC. The draped linen mini dress, super short and sexy but in this lovely earthy linen fabrication. Our Linger lace up heels have this beautiful oversized braided chain detail which is really cool.

Check out the collection here! Still want more Stassie? Get a closer look at the campaign!

Mia Babb
Mia Babb

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