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Why We’re Focusing On Self Love This Valentines Day

The love of your life is you this Valentine’s Day. And we’re practicing self-love all day long. Doesn’t matter if you’re single or taken, the art of learning to love yourself is very important. How do you expect other people…


Valentines Day Nail Inspo

There’s always room for a little more love especially when it comes to nail art. Having a little extra romance at the end of your fingertips is never a bad thing. We’ve rounded up our favourite Valentines nail designs, no…


SPOTTED -Influencer Round Up January 2022

Round up of this months favourite Ego babes to give you some style inspo and make sure you’re looking HOT this winter. Make sure you tag  #EGOSQUAD to be featured.   Spotted @siannisefudge wearing style NEW ME   Spotted @arianna_ajtar…


Our Favourite Celebrity Couples

2021 was the year of the unexpected couple and this Valentines day we’re looking back on our favourite matches made in heaven. Kourt and Travis Kourtney and Travis are by far one of the most unexpected couples but by far…


The 5 Best Boots You Need In Your Life

There’s nothing quite like treating yourself to new boots. It’s miserable and grey outside but your shiny new boots will bring a glimmer of hope to your day. The best boots you can buy are undoubtedly all-rounders meaning they can…


Activewear Style Guide For Women

Yoga Comfort is key when it comes to yoga as you want to be one with your body and this doesn’t necessarily include being at one with that sports bra that’s strangling your boobs. You also don’t want to wear…


How To Start Running

New year, new you right? A new you who drinks green smoothies and makes their bed and runs. You’ve bought the new trainers, the new gym wear and downloaded all the apps but now it’s crunch time. and we’ve got…


The Correct Order To Apply Your Skincare Products

The truth is you DO NOT NEED an eight-step skincare routine. Most faces do far better with fewer products, so keep it simple: cleanser, moisturiser, sunscreen. That’s it. Three products. Got dry skin? Maybe throw in a face oil or…


How To Feel Comfortable When You’re At The Gym

When trying anything new it’s only natural to feel a mixture of nerves and excitement. When it comes to the gym, the key to getting the most out of your workout is learning how to banish that anxiety. We’ve gathered…


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